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PBMS Japan Co., Ltd. Philosophy

The wave of Western civilization that began in the 18th century is almost global in the 21st century, and human beings rarely experience natural selection, the survival of the fittest, such as Tokyo where 10 newborns are almost adults. For us, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a heaven, and urban society has reached a social environment that is scattered almost all over the globe.

However, such a wonderful social environment for us is based on the huge consumption of natural resources. There are problems of environmental maintenance and sustainability socially, and for the human body, the natural immunity of about 37 trillion 200 types of individual cells, which are originally the main players of health maintenance in the natural environment, are weakened for various reasons. It is also true that they have health problems such as so-called lifestyle-related diseases, allergic diseases and cancer.

PBMS Japan Co., Ltd. will develop businesses utilizing the know-how of cell function regenerative medicine. By improving, restoring, and improving the natural innate immunity of human constituent cells, we aim to maintain your health and contribute to international society.





今回、ご紹介させて頂きますのは、医療と健康に特化したNFTトークンになります。 まず初めに、医療トークンとしては、世界中の誰でも治験に参加するだけで、その感謝の意味として、この i Life NFTトークンを手に入れる事ができます。そしてこのi Life NFTトークンを、自分や自分の大切な家族が、医療を受ける際にはいつでも使う事ができます。この世界の人々に、医療を広く平等に提供できる大義名分がご


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